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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Port Huron, MI USA
Spouse/Partner: Diana LePiors
Homepage: bwlblind.org.
Occupation: Retired from Threaded Product of Richmond, MI
Children: Kevin LePiors-48-Born 1969 -Lapeer MI
Trevor LePiors-45-Born 1971-Lapeer ,MI
Tina LePiors-42-Born More…1975- Romeo ,MI
Christy LePiors-29-Born 1987 Port Huron ,MI
Brandy Samford-35-Born 1981-Stepdaughter-Born in Port Huron Becky Ellis Granddaughters Born March 1993 in Port Huron, MI
Jacob Welch Grandson born July 15th 1994 Romeo MI
Lexi LePiors Granddaughter Born July 18th 1995 in Port Huron.
Cheyanne LePiors Granddaughter born October 28th 1996 Port Huron.
Maya LePiors Granddaughter born March 19th 1998 in Port Huron.
Kalove LePiors Grandson born December 5th 1998 Port Huron.
Aiden Ellis GreatGrandson born June 25th 2013 in Port Huron.
Alice LePiors GreatGranddaughter born February 17th 2016in Port Huron.
Aerial LePiors Great Granddaughter born July 18th 2015 in Tawas City.
Skyla Ellis Great Granddaughter born April 14th 2016 in Port Huron.
And another Great Grant Baby Alive February 2017. Well our 5th Great Granddaughter Olivia was born February 3th. 5.3 oz,s and 19 inches long. Our other Great Granddaughter a girl is expected late June or July.

This is my second marriage. The first three kids was from my first wife Mary Lou. Christy is from my wife Diana now. And Brandy is my wifes first child. I had five grandkids. And now a Greatgrand Son named Aiden Reese Ellis Born June 25 2013 in Port Huron, MI. I now have 2 more Great Grand Kids on the way. One next month and other one first of July.
I am retired by no choices. Since my head on car accident on the way to work May 11 of 1999. Was Not my fault. The other driver fault I was a total mess. But lucky to be alive and walking is earth. I was in rehad for almost a year. A lots of surgerys And I see the doctor every momth. I still have problems from it. I will be glad to see everyone at the 45 th class reunion. If god is willing. MY draugther Christy graduated 40 years after I did from Northern High School. I also had a Saimese cat 12 years old and a chihcahua dog 4 years old that looks like a hot dog with the nice stand up tail with long hair. The cat and dog fellow me all over the house all the time and slept in bed with me and my wife. When I graduated from High School I when into carpentry and carpentry trade school. And helped builded Desmond and peril villiges here.in Port Huron. And lots of other place between here and south feild, MI. I lived in Romeo MI 1 1/2 years. Were I married my first wife. Mary Lou Than in Almond MI for 2 1/2 years were I boughted a new moblie home their. I sold it after two and a half years and get the same price I paid for it.. Back to Romeo for a year. Than buy a new home in Armada MI for 11 years. Than back to Romeo For 31/2 months when my wife and I spit up for 31/2 months. Than get back together. Than back to Port Huron where I lived with my wife and 3 kids I divotce my frist wife in 1987 when she wanted a guy half her age. Now with my new wife of 251/2 years. we marred in 1988. I moved the house I am living in here from seventh and Griwold to here on Miller ST and did a lot of work on it my self. The house was in the newspaper on the front page of the Timesharold back in septmber of 1991.on 1117 Miller ST. It was fun doing it and the inspectors sad I when over kill. I told them I did not want any problems, Do it right the first time, The inspector tom said I needed to teach the other contractors how to do things right the first time. I built the addition on the back and the garage and front porch. I am on Facebook too. I like to cook and work in the yard and clean house. And still enjoy retirement too. I do a lot of thinks. And know my wife Diana and I celebraced our 25 Marriage Anniversary on June 11 2013. We spented three days with Family and friend and relatives celebracing. And the 11 th on our annivertary by ourselve out to dinner alone. Than in September 26-29 2013 Wife and I and Draughter Christy toke a Charter Bus ride down to Nashville Tennessee. Did a lot their. Even seen Diana's Sweet Shop. Now Closed. Bummer.

What's your favorite memory of PHNHS:

Everything. The mardi gras ,shop classes espeically. And the cooking class in my serior year and all the girls in class wanted me to help them. And working in the cafe and in the hall at lunch times monitoring the line so no one would cut in, I had young adults mad at me for not letting them cut in line. I was getting paid for it and doing my job. An espeically being the leader in wood shop under Mr pierson. An being one of three of the students who drawings was picked to design the wood and metal shop. We three worked together to come up with one plan. And in homeroom. And all the friends I had in school. And the principal An finally the class prom and graduation walking first in line with Linda Elliott at gradution and pratice. Who boyfriend was mad at me because he could not walk with her . And doing the split session at Port Huron High School until we when to Northern in January of 1966. A good time the four years. And some times I wish I could go back and repeat it for fun.
My wife Diana Retired from AT&T in town here after 20 years 2 weeks. And she is very happy to get out of their. I am glad for her.
Now I am President of the Port Huron Host Lions Club here in town as of Tuesday January 20th 2015. I am a busy Man. But Happy.
People liked my Christmas display this last year again. But my son Kevin who lives on Michigan road off Lapeer road . Win a Plague again last year for his Christmas Display. 20 thousand lights. Moving to music. I had 3000 lights moving to music. And maybe more this year. See how things go.

Hobbies and Interests over the Years:

I like to do wood working and fixing thing. I was a carpenter and when to school for it for four years. until I get laid off. I could not find another carpenty job right away. So I when to work with my father-in-law in a small machine shop in Romeo, Mi But get fired a year later for saving the bosses live. He said me and other guy was doing a job wrong. so he showed us how to do it but he was doing it wrong and we pulled he out of the way before he get hurt. He fired the other guy a week later.
Than i when to other machine shop in MT Clemen to work for Six momths until I was offer a good paiding job with benifits in Rchmond MI. I was said to biuld an addtion on top of the office. But I did not have the heavy eqiutment and man power to do it. But said I would do the finish work. I helped a little on it. I Run machines for ten years. Than a janitor and running machines than janitor and boxing parts and inspector of parts and every other job inside and outside of the plant. I work their for 24 years until my car accident. But the company were good to me. These paid my insurance for three years. These did not had too after 30 days but these did. Now retired an enjoying it, But my wife is stiil working for AT&T hopful for three more years so she can retire with full benifits
I do the housework and work in the yard Read and on the computer and involed in diffenve things and groups. And I love to cook much of the time. My wife helps around the house and yard some times. And I appriseate it. I am on diffence commettes for diffence groups. and in a book talker book club. Live life to the fullous. I give thanks every day. Do not said things will not happen to me. BUT these WILL. Prayers and happyness to everyone.
Check out the Website for the one Organition I belong to at: www.bwlblind.org Put it in the address bar or Google it.
Well it has been 24 years ago this date that I moved my house here on Miller ST PH, Mi from 7th and Griswold. I can't believe it has been that long ago. lots of Work but worth it. I did a lot of work getting it ready to move and to finish it up once I got it here. And still worked my regular Job. U had the best looking house on the block people say. I love my wife for stop Smoking after32 years.

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Posted on: Jan 31, 2020 at 11:23 AM

A very Happy Birthday today David. Enjoy your special Day and evening. Have Fun.

Wayne LePiors has left an In Memory comment for Bonita TerBush Gainor.
Jan 19, 2020 at 8:33 PM

I agress With John Kenndy About Bonita Passing. Prayers going out to her and her family. Rest in peace Bonita. God Bless.

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Jan 15, 2020 at 4:22 PM

Posted on: Jan 15, 2020 at 3:00 PM

I would Like to thank all Classmates and all the others that served in any of the Services for our Country for serving. I would have if I was called back than.

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Jan 15, 2020 at 2:55 PM

A very Happy Birthday Bud. Enjoy your Special day and Thank for serving in the Army.

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Dec 20, 2019 at 8:33 PM

HI Classmates:

  I did not find out until atfer Mary beth dead that my Sisters and Brother and I were related to her and her brothers and siters and family. On my dad sided of the family. WOW.

  When my sisters and I was kids we played with Mary Beth and her brothers and sisters. And when to school together. They were kind.

  In our Adult hood we seen each other at times at wedding and stores. And Mary Beth would hung around with my one cousin Sandy.

But still did not know we very related still her dead. Amazing.

Well God Bless her and her Husband Randy and Family Rest in Peace and thoughts of Love out to you  and Randy and Family. Peace on earth.

Wayne LePiors Class of "67"

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Dec 20, 2019 at 4:33 PM

Hi Classmates:

  I did not know that Mary Beth Miller died in Septmeber of this year until I seen it in the memory page here in our cllassmate website. She was  in my Homeroom in Northern. And a couple of other classes together. She was a very nice person and well liked. My blessings and thoughts out to her and her husband and family. Rest in oeace Mary Beth. God Bless.

Wayne LePiors Class of "67" 

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